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Harrow housing development given green light with new flats approved

The Harrow Planning Committee has unanimously approved a housing development at Herga Road, in between Wealdstone and Harrow Town Centre.

The project involves adding two additional storeys to the existing building, creating eight self-contained flats: four 1-person studios, two 1-bedroom, and two 2-bedroom apartments.

Alongside the living spaces, the plan includes cycle stores and necessary external modifications.

The decision to greenlight the project was made after meticulous scrutiny by the committee, ensuring it aligns with national and local planning policies.

The development aims to address the growing housing demands in the area and was met with approval due to its potential to contribute to the community.

The approval comes with specific conditions and the agreement will cover essential aspects such as parking permit restrictions, legal costs, administration, and monitoring, ensuring that the new development integrates seamlessly with the existing community.

Cllr Marilyn Ashton, Chair of the Harrow Planning Committee and Deputy Leader of Harrow Council said:  “This building is informed by very tall buildings that are close by and is in the opportunity area, it isn’t something that our Tall Buildings SPD could be applied to, and this is really the most important part for me, although it is taller obviously, by two storeys, those two storeys are read more subordinately in terms of the appearance of the building.

“What isn’t happening, is that somebody’s coming along and building another identical two storeys on top of the building, right up to the edge, and then perhaps even, putting a roof on top of that – it’s not that kind of development.

She expressed contentment with the development, finding it acceptable and suitable for accommodation, which is needed in Harrow.

Cllr Ashton also acknowledged its compatibility with the high-rise, high-density character of the area and indicated a willingness to accept it.