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New local photography exhibition opens in Harrow

A new exhibition, ‘Where I Am,’ has just opened its doors at Headstone Manor and Museum, offering a unique perspective of Harrow through the lenses of its residents.

The exhibition, curated by Harrow Giving, the charity for the community and voluntary sector in Harrow, features a diverse collection of contemporary photographs capturing the essence of the borough.

One of the remarkable aspects of this exhibition is its focus on local talent. The showcased works are contributions from numerous Harrow-based photographers, including Bill Chalmers, a well-known name in the local photography scene.

Chalmers, a prominent figure in the borough for several years, is among the talented photographers whose works are displayed.

New local photography exhibition opens in Harrow Harrow Online

Many of these artists are active members of the Harrow Online Photography Group, demonstrating the rich pool of talent within the community.

‘Where I Am’ not only highlights the beauty of Harrow but also offers a glimpse into the lives of its residents.

Through the lens of these photographers, visitors can experience the borough’s unique landscapes, vibrant communities, and diverse cultures.

The exhibition is a result of the inaugural Harrow Photographer of the Year competition, a venture organised by Harrow Giving.

The competition aimed to celebrate and recognise and reward the exceptional talent within the borough.

The showcased works at ‘Where I Am’ represent the finalists of this prestigious competition, providing a platform for these photographers to share their vision of Harrow with a broader audience.

‘Where I Am’ is open to the public until October 15, and can be found in the Great Hall of Headstone Manor and Museum.

For those interested in learning more about the photographers, the winners of the competition, and details about the Harrow Photographer of the Year 2023 competition, additional information can be found on the Harrow Giving website.