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Plan to open new ‘high-end’ Chinese supermarket near Wembley Stadium

There are plans to open a new ‘high-end’ Chinese supermarket in a recently renovated area of Wembley.

The shop has applied for a licence to sell alcohol from 8am but the council are trying to get this pushed back.

Brent Council has received an application to open Tian Tian Market on Wellers Way, just a stone’s throw from Wembley Stadium and BoxPark. If approved, it will open from 8am to 11pm Monday to Sunday, selling alcohol during these times.

The council’s licensing officer is insisting that alcohol can only be sold after 10am as 8am is “too early”. The supermarket would also have to abide by match day restrictions, including not selling football fans drinks in glass containers and limiting the sale of alcohol entirely at specific times.

The premises falls within the Wembley CIZ (Cumulative Impact Zone) – which are areas where licences are strictly controlled to limit any problems. The CIZ usually means off-licence applications are refused but the licensing officer believes this not to be necessary in this case.

They said: “This is a higher end Chinese Supermarket with alcohol as an additional theme which will take up no more than fifteen percent of the sales floor. Normally an off-licence application within a CIZ would be rejected but with the appropriate conditions in place I don’t feel this to be necessary. My only concern is the hours that the applicant is asking to start selling alcohol”.

The applicant, TT Super Limited, has already agreed to a stream of conditions attached to the licence, including installing CCTV, not selling miniature bottles of wine or spirits, and not leaving rubbish on the street outside of collection times.

Whilst they also agreed to certain match day restrictions, such as not selling alcohol for one hour before kick off and not resuming until 15 minutes after, but took issue with having to refuse to sell glass bottles solely to football fans.

The applicant said: “How will staff know whether someone is a football fan? Also, this could cause friction if staff are seen serving alcohol to some customers and not others. […] alcohol is a small part of the offer and only Chinese, Japanese and Korean products are sold so [they are] unlikely to be attractive to football fans in any event.”

A decision on whether or not to grant the licence will be made by Brent Council’s Alcohol and Licensing Sub-Committee on October 19.