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Harrow Fireworks announce return of popular ‘VIP tickets’

Exciting news has been announced for this year’s Harrow Fireworks Display on November 4th – the VIP tickets are back, offering more value to guests.

With a VIP ticket, the perks include skipping the lines at the main gate, allowing you to dive straight into the excitement. You’ll be able to enjoy every moment of the event, from thrilling rides to delicious food and, of course, the spectacular fireworks display for which you would get a prime location right at the front.

In addition, each VIP ticket comes with a special glow toy for the little ones and a meal ticket to get some food while you watch the display.

Harrow Fireworks announce return of popular 'VIP tickets' Harrow Online

For the thrill-seekers in Harrow, the VIP tickets also provide a free ride token, adding an extra layer of excitement without reaching into your pocket.

The Harrow Fireworks display has been going for over a decade now and really has become one of the biggest events in not just the borough, but the entire North London area.

Speaking to Harrow Online recently, organiser of the event David Silber said he was “Delighted to bring back the VIP tickets”.

“It offers more value for guests and it allows you enjoy all the excitement of the display with one ticket.”

Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in the extraordinary experience on November 4th, 2023. Harrow Online will be on hand and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at the display at Byron Park, Wealdstone.

If you’re interested in purchasing VIP tickets to the event, or finding out further details in general about this years display, click here.