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Primary school in Harrow receives positive Ofsted report

Longfield Primary School in Harrow has been praised for its overall effectiveness in the recent Ofsted inspection conducted on 18 and 19 July 2023.

The school, located at Duke’s Avenue, North Harrow, received a rating of ‘Good’ in all key areas, including the quality of education, behavior and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and early years provision.

Inspectors noted that, “Pupils at Longfield are happy and kept safe. The ‘network hand’ helps pupils to identify five trusted adults to help and listen to any concerns they might have. Pupils behave well.

“This is because routines and expectations are well understood and consistently applied by staff. The school core values are promoted through the ‘five Rs’ – responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness and reasoning. This results in a positive, inclusive ethos across the school.”

Longfield Primary School’s safeguarding efforts were highly praised. According to the report, “The arrangements for safeguarding are effective,” with leaders ensuring that safeguarding remains “an ongoing priority.”

The school has implemented “effective procedures” to ensure that both “staff and governors understand their statutory responsibilities,” and this achievement is attributed to their comprehensive training.

The report noted the proactive stance of the school staff, stating, “Staff are pro-active in identifying any concerns they may have.” Leaders were praised for their rigorous monitoring of safeguarding issues and their effective collaboration with external agencies.

The report also highlighted the school’s dedication to educating students on safety, stating, “The curriculum has been designed to help pupils to understand how to stay safe.”

As an example, it was noted that pupils have a “clear understanding of risks they may face online and how to avoid these.”