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Nursery in Harrow receives new Ofsted report, ‘Good’ overall rating achieved

In the recent Ofsted inspection on August 23, published on 19 September, Hugs and Giggles Nursery at 101a Headstone Lane, Harrow, received an impressive evaluation, achieving a ‘Good’ overall effectiveness rating.

The inspection highlighted the nursery’s commitment to providing quality education and fostering a positive environment for young learners.

Inspectors praised the nursery for creating a happy atmosphere where staff served as positive role models, teaching good manners and respectful behavior.

The report noted, “There is a happy atmosphere in the nursery. Staff act as positive role models in modelling good manners and respectful behavior.” Staff members were observed encouraging fairness among children, promoting kindness and consideration as they played with their friends.

Nursery in Harrow receives new Ofsted report, 'Good' overall rating achieved Harrow Online

The nursery’s focus on a well-rounded educational curriculum was also commended. Inspectors noted, “The new manager has helped staff to implement a strong understanding of a well-rounded educational curriculum. This focuses on enabling children to be happy and confident, and to learn about the wider world.” Activities such as outdoor gardening, picnics, and nature walks were highlighted as enriching experiences for the children.

Parents’ positive feedback was a significant aspect of the report. “Parents talk fondly about how children love their time here. They praise the kind and caring staff. Parents are kept well informed about their children’s development and recognise the progress they make,” the report stated.

Regarding safeguarding, inspectors found the arrangements to be effective. “The manager and staff understand their responsibilities to keep children safe. Risk assessments are completed across the provision each morning,” the report noted. Staff members were observed to be well-trained and confident in dealing with safeguarding issues.

However, the report also outlined areas for improvement. Inspectors recommended refining the mathematics curriculum to better support children’s counting and number recognition skills. Additionally, the organisation of activities and routines needed review to minimise interruptions to children’s learning.