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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Primary school in Harrow launches fundraising campaign for VR workshops

A school in Harrow has initiated a fundraising campaign with the goal of enhancing its students’ educational experience by introducing virtual reality (VR) workshops into its classrooms.

The campaign aims to provide students in Years 3-5 with an immersive learning opportunity, allowing them to explore Ancient Rome, the Mayan Civilisation, and the Oceans & Seas through the innovative use of VR technology.

Grange School in Harrow, facing budget constraints primarily allocated to staffing, refuses to compromise on providing enriching opportunities for its students. The school has partnered with PrimeVR to organise a series of VR workshops scheduled for April 2024.

Primary school in Harrow launches fundraising campaign for VR workshops Harrow Online

These workshops will be led by qualified educators, transporting the students through time and space, thereby bringing the outside world directly into their classrooms.

The school has set up a Go Fund Me Page with a goal to raise £650 to cover the cost of these workshops. “Our school budget is tight and spent nearly completely on having the right level of staffing for our children BUT we refuse to give up on providing rich opportunities to secure deep learning for our children,” stated the school on their fundraising page.

To generate funds for this initiative, Mr. Kerbel, the Headteacher of Grange School, has taken on a unique challenge. He will be embarking on a ‘virtual’ Inca Trail by walking 43 km over four days, from October 20th to October 23rd, 2023.

While he aspires to hike the trail in reality someday, for now, his goal is to provide the best and most exciting learning experiences for the children of Grange.

“We believe in the power of immersive learning and its ability to inspire and motivate our students. By donating, you are helping us create a rich knowledge-building experience that will significantly impact the learning journey of our students,” said Mr. Kerbel. Updates on his virtual Inca Trail challenge can be followed on the Grange School YouTube channel.

The school encourages the community to donate whatever they can to support this initiative. Every generous contribution will enable the students to engage in a knowledge-building adventure, nurturing their curiosity and paving the way for brighter futures.

“Thank you for making a difference,” expressed the school, appreciating the support of the community in providing this unique learning opportunity to the students of Grange School.

For more information and to contribute to this initiative, please visit the school’s Go Fund Me Page. Let’s come together as a community to support the future leaders of tomorrow in their educational journey.