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Primary school in Harrow rated ‘Outstanding’ in latest Ofsted report

In a testament to the dedication and excellence exhibited at St George’s Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy in Harrow, an Ofsted inspection conducted on July 11 and 12, 2023, revealed the school’s overall effectiveness as Outstanding across all areas.

Located in Sudbury Hill, Harrow, the academy’s commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience for its pupils was underscored in the report.

Academically, students at St George’s Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy demonstrated remarkable achievement in national measures.

The report stated, “Staff, pupils and families all spoke about behaviour as a strength of the school. Leaders have ensured that pupils’ conduct and attitudes consistently support learning.

“Leaders aim to build pupils’ confidence and leadership attributes by giving them positions of responsibility at the school.

“These roles are as diverse as house captains and prayer and play leaders. Pupils relish the challenge of these responsibilities, and talked about how these support their character growth.

“Pupils relish coming to school and are inspired to do well in all aspects of school life. They feel very well supported and cared for by adults and they are kept safe.”

The Ofsted report continued, “Leaders provide an exciting and rich curriculum for all subjects, including early reading. It is highly ambitious. Appropriate training for all staff means that the curriculum is consistently delivered as intended to pupils.

“Leaders make sure that their approach to all subjects at least matches the depth and breadth of the national curriculum. Across all subjects, how much pupils know and remember is impressive.

Primary school in Harrow rated 'Outstanding' in latest Ofsted report Harrow Online

“Precise and demanding expectations for what pupils learn are matched with teaching that skilfully builds up pupils’ understanding. An example of this can be seen in physical education (PE), where the curriculum supports the cumulative development of knowledge and skills very well.”

The school’s exemplary support for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) was highlighted, emphasising tailored plans and skilled practitioners to facilitate effective learning across the curriculum.

Pupils’ enthusiasm for learning was evident, with active participation in discussions and activities. The report commended the school’s extensive leadership opportunities, from the school council to house captains, fostering a sense of responsibility among students.

Safeguarding at St George’s was also lauded, with leaders prioritising it in all aspects of school life. Staff were well-equipped to identify and report concerns, thanks to comprehensive training and close collaboration with external agencies.

The pupils themselves were confident in their safety, knowing they could approach a trusted adult with any concerns.