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Harrow Council launches interactive ‘Local Plan’ engagement platform

Harrow Council is inviting residents and local businesses to actively participate in shaping the borough’s future through its newly launched ‘Local Plan’ engagement platform.

This user-friendly online space, integrated into the Harrow Consultation Hub, serves as an information hub for the upcoming Harrow Local Plan.

Residents can access crucial details including timelines, frequently asked questions, relevant documents, and important links related to the plan and ask questions about what the future holds.

“The policies within the Local Plan are used to guide development and decide planning applications. They also assist in the delivery of many Council services and priorities, such as the securing of affordable housing, achieving high quality development in the borough, managing the location, quantity, and quality of development, and promoting the vibrancy and vitality of our town centres.

Harrow Council launches interactive 'Local Plan' engagement platform Harrow Online

“All of these aspects help to fulfil the Council’s priorities of putting residents first, and creating a borough that residents can be proud of.

“The policies are set within the Local Plan for at least the next 5 years, so it is important to have your say on them, and help the council get it right.”

Scheduled for Winter 2024, the first round of public consultation will be exclusively conducted on this platform.

The Local Plan, spanning from 2021 to 2041, addresses key areas such as housing, economic development, community facilities, infrastructure, and environmental sustainability in Harrow.

To stay informed and actively contribute to the development of Harrow, residents and businesses are encouraged to follow the Harrow Local Plan Engagement Page for updates and announcements.