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New South Indian restaurant ‘THE LID’ to open in Harrow

Harrow residents have something to look forward to this weekend with the grand opening of Londonil Indian Dosai or ‘The LID’ as it’s also known.

The restaurant, located at 217, Station Road, Harrow, is set to introduce Harrow Town Centre to the authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine, focusing specifically on Dosai and Parotta.

This venture, founded in 2022, takes pride in being the area’s first exclusive South Indian eatery specialising in Dosai and Parotta.

The LID brings a touch of Indian culinary heritage to London by crafting these popular dishes with a commitment to quality and freshness.

Among their offerings, the Schezwan Chips Dosai stands out, featuring a thin, crispy flatbread crafted from a fermented batter of lentils and rice.

This Indo-Chinese delight is generously stuffed with stir-fried vegetables, schezwan chips or fries, and a zesty schezwan sauce, typically served with a side of creamy mayonnaise, all priced at £9.59.

New South Indian restaurant 'THE LID' to open in Harrow Harrow Online
The restaurant will open in Harrow Town Centre this weekend.

Additionally, the menu boasts the Rava Dosai priced at £6.99, offering a thin, crispy crepe made from Rava (Soji), Rice Flour, and Maida, sprinkled with chopped vegetables and traditionally served with aromatic Sambar and Chutneys.

These innovative dosai creations continue with the Chilli Cube Paneer Dosai, Masala Mogo Dosai, Chilli Chips Dosai, and the classic Chilli Paneer Dosai, each promising a unique and flavorful experience, all priced at £9.99.

They also have plenty of non-vegetarian main offerings. Try the Chicken Dosai (£7.99), a crispy flatbread filled with spiced chicken, served with Sambar and Chutneys.

For a spicy kick, the Chicken 65 (£6.99) delivers marinated, fried chicken with curry leaves and green chilies.

The Chicken 65 Biryani (£9.99) combines tender chicken in a rich, spicy sauce, while the Crispy Chilli Chicken (£6.99) offers coated boneless chicken with onions, peppers, and sauces—a true delight for your taste buds.

Whether you’re a fan of spice or prefer a milder, The Lid has plenty to choose from

Open from Wednesday to Monday, the restaurant will serve from 12 Noon to 10pm, extending its hours until 10:30pm on weekends.

The menu, available on their official website at thelid.uk/menu, offers a diverse selection of South Indian delicacies, promising something for everyone.

For more information, including their menu offerings, visit thelid.uk.

New South Indian restaurant 'THE LID' to open in Harrow Harrow Online