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A brief history of the Case is Altered pub in Old Redding

In the quiet corners of Old Redding, near Harrow Weald, The Case is Altered pub stood as a silent witness to the boroughs history for over 200 years.

With roots dating back to the 1800s, this single-bar pub carried a legacy that endeared itself to the local community in Harrow and everyone that paid a visit over the years. Its name, an abbreviation of the Spanish phrase “Casa Alta,” meaning “High House” or “House on the Hill,” perfectly encapsulated its scenic hillside perch and rustic charm.

During the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, The Case is Altered became a favorite spot for families. Parents enjoyed a drink while kids played in the pub’s large garden, complete with a spacious play area. The pub’s appeal extended further with its connection to an open woodland area right at the bottom of the play area making it an ideal destination for both nature lovers and families seeking a laid-back atmosphere.

This unique blend of family-friendly features and natural surroundings, including being adjacent the the famous Grim’s Dyke Hotel, contributed to the pub’s enduring popularity during those decades.

Throughout its existence, this quaint pub had seen numerous changes. From being a simple cottage to transforming into a pub known as “The Cathedral,” its walls echoed with the laughter and conversations of generations. In 2018, after a period of closure, The Case is Altered reopened, welcoming back familiar faces and new friends. However, this revival was short-lived.

A brief history of the Case is Altered pub in Old Redding Harrow Online

For years, The Case is Altered had been a cherished retreat, a place where the hustle and bustle of the world faded away, and the clinking of glasses resonated with laughter and camaraderie.

Its story, however, took an unexpected turn in March 2022, when the pub’s doors closed for the final time. A heartfelt message appeared on the pub’s Facebook page, bearing the news of its closure. The pub’s management expressed gratitude, saying, “The Case is Altered has closed its doors forever.

“We would like to thank all our customers for their support throughout our journey.” The announcement marked the end of an era, leaving the community noticeably moved by the news of its closure.

The pub’s history was not without its share of twists and turns. It briefly donned the hat of an Indian restaurant in 2010-2011, adding a diverse chapter to its story. Located next to The Viewpoint car park, the pub offered not only a warm atmosphere but also spectacular views of Wembley, Harrow Town Centre, and Northwood. It became an ideal stop for those winding down after the Stanmore circular country walk, offering respite and refreshment to tired souls.

As we reminisce about the past of The Case is Altered, it’s important to mention that the future of this building remains uncertain at this time. The doors may be closed, but only time will reveal what lies ahead for this historic pub, leaving the community in hopeful anticipation of its potential revival or transformation in the years to come.