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Pinner’s ‘Phantom Beast’ that is shrouded in fear and mystery

Deep in the heart of Pinner, known for its tranquility, there is a haunting tale that has intrigued generations. This story revolves around a mysterious creature, a ‘phantom beast’ if you will, that has sporadically appeared over the years, casting fear over Pinner Memorial Park.

The creature is described as a dark, shadowy figure, reminiscent of a ‘small horse’ but possessing the agile grace of a feline predator. Its most striking feature, however, is its eyes – fiery red orbs that glow eerily in the darkness, leaving an unforgettable, and daunting impression on those who have witnessed them.

The origins of this being trace back to the seventeenth century and the intriguing history of Lionel Cranfield Sackville, the 2nd Earl of Middlesex. Legend has it that the creature was once a living panther, part of the Earl’s exotic collection that roamed the grounds of his grand estate. However, in 1674, the panther turned violent, biting Earl and terrorising the groundskeepers before vanishing into the night, pursued by fearful villagers.

The pursuit culminated in the creature’s demise at the hands of the villagers. Its lifeless body was consumed by the flames of a roaring bonfire. Yet, the horror did not end there. As the fire reached its peak, a primal growl echoed through the night, and from within the blaze, two blazing red eyes were said to have stared out, fierce and unyielding.

Since that fateful night, sightings of the phantom beast have continued to haunt Pinner Memorial Park. One notable encounter occurred in 1996, when a man walking his dog stumbled upon a peculiar sight – a creature by the lake, its eyes burning like hot coals. The man watched in awe as the creature disappeared into the morning mist, leaving him in a state of bewildered disbelief.

In the present day, the legend of the ‘Beast of Pinner‘ lingers on, reminding people of the mysteries that shroud their park.

This story was inspired by former Harrow Online writer Harry Turner, to read more from the original click here.

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