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Harrow resident stars in ‘Autism’s Got Talent’

A young Harrow resident named Oscar Bugaev, aged 10 and diagnosed with Autism, captivated the audience at Autism’s Got Talent, a unique event designed to spotlight the extraordinary abilities of individuals on the autistic spectrum.

Organised by Anna Kennedy and her charity, Anna Kennedy Online, the event serves as a platform showcasing diverse talents within the community.

Anna Kennedy, dedicated to her cause for 12 years now, created a supportive community. The event itself is reminiscent of Britain’s/America’s Got Talent, and brings together families, friends, and newcomers affected by autism and ADHD.

The evening was a chance for autism families to connect, hosted by Philip Barnett and featuring inspiring figures like Anna Kennedy and Maggie Peterson.

Popular faces and LGBT activists, including actress Vicky Michelle and dancer Robin Windsor, also graced the stage on the night, October 14th.

Oscar’s presence on stage was nothing short of inspiring. With his rapid mental calculations of squared and cubed numbers, he left spectators amazed and appreciative of his exceptional mathematical talents.

Harrow resident stars in ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ Harrow Online

Oscar’s involvement in Autism’s Got Talent highlighted the diverse talents within the community, emphasising the significance of valuing individual differences and unique abilities.

His performance served as a reminder of the importance of acceptance and recognition in a world that frequently presents challengesHarrow resident stars in ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ Harrow Online