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Roadworks in Harrow from 3rd to 7th November

As the weekend approaches, we bring you important news about upcoming roadworks  in Harrow and surrounding areas that might affect your travel plans.

Harrow, Roxborough Avenue: Commuters and residents in Harrow are bracing themselves for possible travel disruptions as essential roadworks are set to take place on Roxborough Avenue starting from November 3 and continuing until November 7.

Harrow Council will be overseeing these activities which are likely to cause delays in the area. Traffic management measures will be in place.

Edgware, Silkstream Road: Simultaneously, in Edgware, Barnet, roadworks are scheduled on Silkstream Road from November 3 to November 7. Managed by Barnet Council, these repairs will involve a saw cut patch repair on a pothole measuring 1m².

The works will be located at 89 Silkstream Road, Grahame Park, HA8 0DD. Motorists in this area should anticipate possible delays due to the ongoing repair activities. Traffic control, following a give-and-take system will be in operation.

Roadworks in Harrow from 3rd to 7th November Harrow Online

Ruislip, Field End Road (Service Road): Furthermore, roadworks are also planned on Field End Road Service Road in Ruislip, during the same period, from November 3 to November 7.

Harrow Council will be responsible for managing these. Similar to the other locations, traffic control measures, including a give-and-take system, will be implemented.

Commuters and residents are advised to plan their routes in advance, considering possible delays. Staying updated with local traffic announcements.