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Two vehicles stolen from the same road in Edgware

In a recent update posted on the OWL network, residents of Westleigh Gardens, Edgware were alerted to vehicle thefts that occurred overnight.

The thieves managed to take two vehicles without the keys. The alert, sent by PCSO Shabz Razzaq, has urged owners of keyless entry vehicles to take immediate steps to safeguard their vehicles.

One recommended solution is the use of Faraday Signal Blocking Pouches, designed to block signals from car key fobs, preventing unauthorised access.

These pouches act as a barrier, ensuring that the signals cannot be intercepted or boosted by thieves.

PCSO Shabz Razzaq, who covers Edgware, emphasised the importance of proactive crime prevention measures, especially in the case of modern vehicles equipped with keyless entry systems.

Residents are encouraged to visit the official Metropolitan Police website for detailed crime prevention advice on keeping their vehicles safe.