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Harrow development community: “It’s a bit like being back in Cyprus” says local woman

A popular Harrow development has been hailed as a ‘home from home’ by one of its residents, thanks to its ‘European coffee quote’ culture and strong sense of community.

Maria Demetriou (53), who relocated to the UK from Cyprus, first moved to Hyde New Homes Eastman Village after moving to London from Manchester to be closer to her family.

Socialising and enjoying outside space forms a significant part of Maria’s Cypriot culture, and, after discovering the exciting, shared ownership development, she knew it was the
perfect choice.

Steeped in history, the development is built on the site of the former iconic Kodak factory.

Maria, a former Sales Executive at Cyprus television station Lumiere TV (LTV), opted for a 1-bedroom apartment with her most prized feature – the veranda that overlooks the rest of the development in Harrow.

Harrow development community: "It’s a bit like being back in Cyprus" says local woman Harrow Online
Image: Hyde New

She said: “My veranda is my joy. I can have my Cappuccino Freddo while sitting outside, surrounded by trees and green space. It reminds me of being back home and is so important for maintaining a healthy mindset.”

Enjoying the outside space is not the only factor that reminds Maria of her home in Cyprus. She explains: “The community at Eastman Village is incredible. I work part-time at a local fish and chip shop – the award-winning Barracuda – which is run by a fellow Cypriot and is located just a five-minute walk from my home.

“We both speak Greek, so it has been wonderful making friends with each other. I have also met other members of the community who are Greek.”

She continued: “Everybody is so friendly, and it is lovely to chat with different people. It’s a bit like being back in Cyprus.”

“Living at the development and working at Barracuda has really helped me integrate into the local area easily. Barracuda is doing some great things for the local community so it’s nice to feel like I’m giving back in a way.”

As part of a wider £1.75 billion regeneration programme by Harrow Council, Eastman Village is on the way to becoming a complete new urban neighbourhood with over 2,000 homes, along with workspace, retail, and leisure venues.

Harrow development community: "It’s a bit like being back in Cyprus" says local woman Harrow Online
Barracuda in Harrow.

Minnie Dando, Head of Marketing and Communications at Hyde New Homes, said: “It warms my heart to read Maria’s story, both in terms of her feeling at home in this new community, as well as the delicious offerings from Barracuda (who also cater for gluten free
customers) and their support for the senior residents on the development.

“Eastman Village serves as a testament to Hyde’s belief in establishing a warm and welcoming environment among its diverse residents, who have chosen to make this vibrant
community their home.”