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New urology centre opens at Northwick Park Hospital

Northwick Park Hospital has consolidated its urology services into a single unit, aiming to improve patient care and streamline procedures.

The newly established North West London Urology Centre, located at Northwick Park Hospital, will now serve as the primary hub for diagnosing and treating various urological conditions that affect the local community in Harrow and surrounding areas.

New urology centre opens at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online

Previously, urology services were spread across three different hospital sites, leading to logistical challenges and longer waiting times for patients. The relocation of St Mark’s Hospital to Central Middlesex provided an opportunity to centralise urology services in a refurbished space, making the process more efficient and accessible.

The new unit, equipped to handle over 1500 patients annually for routine procedures, also offers specialised care for radical cancer patients, who will be referred to the Imperial hub.

Notable enhancements include the installation of a lithotripter for stone treatment and the co-location of bladder cancer diagnostic and treatment services, along with prostate cancer diagnostic services, in the same outpatient center. These improvements aim to provide a more comprehensive and integrated approach to urological care.

New urology centre opens at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online
Image: London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

With the majority of outpatient activities now concentrated at Northwick Park Hospital, the urology team can work more effectively, resulting in faster diagnosis and treatment for patients. While the unit will maintain weekly clinics at Ealing and elective operating theaters at Central Middlesex Hospital.

Local dignitaries, including MP Gareth Thomas, attended the official launch of the North West London Urology Centre, underscoring the significance of this initiative within the local healthcare system.

This move represents a practical step forward, ensuring that urology patients in the area receive timely and efficient care in a more unified manner.