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Harrow High School has another ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection

Harrow High School has once again received a resounding endorsement from Ofsted following their recent visit on September 28th and 29th.

The inspection confirmed that the school continues to uphold its status as a ‘good’, noting its commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment.

In the report, Harrow High School is praised for its ‘high expectations of pupils’ behavior,’ which contribute to a ‘respectful, calm, and orderly environment.’ The positive atmosphere within the school is further highlighted, with the report noting that pupils display a ‘positive approach toward their learning.’

Leadership at the school is commended for setting ‘high expectations for pupils’ achievement’ and aiming to ‘encourage excellence for all throughout the curriculum.’ The report underscores the school’s commitment to personal development, identifying it as a ‘strength’ where pupils participate in an ‘extensive range of extra-curricular activities and visits.’

Harrow High School has another 'Good' Ofsted inspection Harrow Online

The report states, “The school has high expectations of pupils’ behaviour. Leaders have worked successfully to ensure that the school is a respectful, calm and orderly environment. They have achieved this through discussions during assemblies and in tutor time.

“Mostly, pupils display a positive attitude towards their learning. They know their role and responsibility in ensuring a safe and secure school environment. The school prioritises pupils’ personal development. This is a strength of the school’s work.

“The school ensures that pupils have access to a wide range of high-quality, additional opportunities beyond the subject curriculum, including journeys abroad, reading and writing clubs, sports clubs and numerous careers guidance events. Pupils speak positively about the impact of these experiences. As a result, the number of pupils who choose to stay on at school into the sixth form is increasing.”

The headteacher, Paul Gamble, commented: “This inspection and the outcome report confirm just how far we have come together in transforming Harrow High School into a truly excellent centre of learning. We are especially delighted with the excellent positive feedback OFSTED received from learners, parents, and staff.

“The high regard which all stakeholders have for the school is excellent validation of our work. As ever, we will continue to strive to become even better in delivering our vision of ‘excellence for all.'”

This positive report comes shortly after Harrow High School was recognised as one of the Eight Harrow Secondary Schools performing exceptionally well, with a progress score of +0.52, placing it in the top tier of the Department for Education (DfE) performance tables.

More information about Harrow High School’s performance can be found here. The detailed report is available for review here.