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Japanese TV celebrity becomes support worker at Northwick Park Hospital

Kyoko Beaumont, a former Japanese weather girl and TV presenter, has embraced a new life in the UK, far from the glitz and glamour of the television screen.

Determined to face a new challenge, Beaumont traded her celebrity status for a fulfilling career as a lung cancer clinical support worker at Northwick Park Hospital, affiliated with Macmillan Cancer.

Beaumont shared her journey, stating, “Life is short and the world is wide.” She arrived in the UK at the turn of the Millennium, reveling in the freedom of anonymity. “I was a minor celebrity back home because people would see me on breakfast TV, but I really enjoyed the fact that no one knew me here,” she said.

Driven by a deep personal connection to the cause, Beaumont joined Macmillan Cancer in memory of her parents, who succumbed to cancer. In her spare time, she channels her energy into fundraising for the organisation, often participating in charity races as a dedicated runner.

Japanese TV celebrity becomes support worker at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online

Beaumont discovered her passion for running during the lockdown, finding solace and purpose in the activity. “I never thought of myself as a runner but really caught the bug and now run three or four times a week,” she explained. Her newfound enthusiasm for running culminated in her completion of a virtual marathon, where friends and family gathered to cheer her on one Sunday morning.

Despite her busy schedule, Beaumont’s interests are diverse, including baking, photography, and maintaining a strong social media presence. Her culinary skills even earned her recognition on television when she was named ‘star baker’ in the Great British Bake Off: Extra Slice TV show. “I’ve even made a running shoe-shaped cake,” she added.

Looking ahead, Beaumont plans to continue her charitable endeavours, aiming to participate in more races and marathons.

Her story serves as an inspiring reminder that life’s journey can lead to unexpected paths and passions.