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Headstone Manor to explore Mary Shelley’s time in Harrow

Tomorrow, Harrow residents are invited to “Tuesday Talk: Mary Shelley in Harrow,” a exploration into the author’s life during her three-year stay in Harrow from 1833 to 1836.

Known for “Frankenstein,” Shelley’s time in Harrow is often overshadowed, and this event aims to shed light on this period of her life giving people an insight into her time spent in the borough.

Taking place at The Granary, Headstone Manor and Museum, the discussion will touch on Shelley’s experiences influenced by her son’s attendance at Harrow School. Topics include the challenges she faced, such as the death of a friend and the end of a secret romance, leading to bouts of loneliness and depression.

Headstone Manor to explore Mary Shelley's time in Harrow Harrow Online

Attendees will gain insights from Shelley’s journals and letters, offering a closer look at her life in Harrow, including two earlier visits to the area. The event is open to those aged 18 and above, with a straightforward cost of £2.50 per person and a non-refundable £1 booking fee per transaction.

The Granary at the museum, as the venue, sets the stage for a historical reflection on the author’s lesser-known Harrow chapters.  You can book online through Harrow Arts Centre’s box office at box.office@harrowarts.com.