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Police arrest 115 people protesting in Hendon

Police arrested 115 Just Stop Oil activists who were slow marching on the A41 in Hendon on the morning of Monday, 13 November.

Police made arrests under Section Seven of the Public Order Act (2023) when the group disrupted the road network.

They made arrests along the road and transported them to custody. As the remaining activists made their way southbound onto the Brent flyover TSG officers closed one end of the carriageway to prevent their progress and allow other officers to contain the group on the flyover so traffic could be diverted onto the slipway.


The remaining activists were arrested and all remain in custody at this time, according to an update posted on the Met’s website.

Commander Colin Wingrove said:“This has been the most amount of Just Stop Oil arrests we have made in a single day during their autumn campaign.

“Their disruption was a day after an emotional and intensive weekend in London.

“We want officers in our communities to be that reassuring presence. Instead, we are having to remove some of them to arrest and transport 115 activists to custody.

“Protest is a fundamental part of democracy and something we are proud to uphold.

“However, Just Stop Oil are openly encouraging people to break the law and causing criminal damage which we will not tolerate.

“This slow march happened on a major road during rush hour when people could have been taking children to school, attending a doctor’s appointment or travelling to work.

“This is particularly impactful if a person’s job relies on punctuality, such as those in the trade who attend multiple addresses.

“I encourage everyone who has been affected by their slow marches to report the impact on our dedicated portal.

“Officers will continue to respond swiftly to their disruption so it causes minimum impact to Londoners, who are ultimately bearing the brunt and cost of their action.”

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