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Harrow Council launches interactive map for residents to shape local projects

Harrow Council has launched a new initiative to engage with the local community and gather input on the allocation of Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funds.

The interactive web page, titled “Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy Page,” aims to empower residents to have a direct say in the funding of infrastructure projects in Harrow.

The NCIL, constituting 15% of overall contributions from developers, is designated for smaller, localised projects within the borough. This fund is further divided into a Ward fund (10%) and a Central fund (5%). The Ward fund is intended for individual wards to allocate, while the Central fund is open to bids from all council wards.


The web page features an interactive map that allows residents to drop pins on locations where they believe local infrastructure projects could be undertaken. The council encourages participants to suggest a wide range of projects that meet specific criteria, including alignment with the Corporate Plan, significant contribution to a ward or across wards, value for money, and adherence to CIL Regulations.

Harrow Council launches interactive map for residents to shape local projects Harrow Online

Examples of eligible projects range from public realm improvements and safety measures to green space enhancements, cycling infrastructure, community centers, and initiatives supporting health and wellbeing. Detailed information and additional project ideas are available in the documents tab on the web page.

To get involved, residents are encouraged to visit the web page and use the mapping feature to drop pins on potential project locations. In the comments box, participants should provide information about the proposed project, including its nature and the reasons it is needed.

Throughout November, the submitted project suggestions will be presented to relevant ward councillors for consideration. Ward councillors will then assess the proposals for funding from either the Ward NCIL fund or, for larger projects, the Central NCIL fund. The final decisions on project funding are expected to be made in early December.

The council notes that submitting project suggestions does not guarantee funding but is an opportunity for the community to actively participate in shaping local infrastructure priorities.

Residents with questions about the initiative or CIL funding are encouraged to contact the council at EDO@harrow.gov.uk. Alternatively, they can reach out to their ward councillor to discuss potential projects.

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