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Experts warn that 27% of Brits are living with a common eye condition known as ‘astigmatism’

Over a quarter of Brits may face road hazards due to astigmatism, a common eye condition causing blurry or wavy vision, it has been revealed.

During Road Safety Awareness Week, Specsavers experts highlight signs and symptoms of astigmatism, emphasising the challenges it poses for night-time driving, with 66% experiencing difficulties. As days shorten, awareness of sight changes and astigmatism symptoms becomes crucial for safe driving. Astigmatism alters the shape of the cornea or lens, leading to blurred vision and potential dangers in daily tasks.

Clinical services director at Specsavers Giles Edmonds, said: “Astigmatism can present a range of symptoms including headaches, regularly having to squint to see clearly, eye strain or tiredness when focusing on prolonged tasks. If you have astigmatism, or think you might, it is important to get an up-to-date eye test every two years and always wear your glasses or contacts when driving.”

Astigmatism-related blurry vision worsens in low-light conditions due to pupil dilation, scattering more light and causing unfocused vision, halos, and night blindness. Bright headlights distort into ‘lines’ of light, and reflections from cars and streetlamps make drivers with astigmatism squint, impeding road focus. Recognising these risks, the DVLA warns of a £1,000 fine and three penalty points for failure to meet minimum eye standards, underscoring the importance of awareness for individuals with this condition.