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Roadworks scheduled in Harrow this week

Harrow residents, gear up for some adjustments in your daily routine as roadworks are planned for different roads in the borough.

Firstly, Alexandra Avenue in Rayners Lane will be affected by multi-way signals from November 20 to November 23.

Hutchison 3G Ltd is set to take charge of these roadworks, and though they’re in the planned stages, be prepared for potential delays.

Moving on to Bessborough Road, Harrow, there’s a heads-up for the period between November 22 and November 24. Affinity Water is initiating essential maintenance work here, emphasising minimal disruption.

They aim to enhance services through activities like stop tap replacements, meter fits, and leak detection.

Cannon Lane in Pinner, will experience a road closure from November 20 to November 24. Openreach are responsible for these planned works. Plan your alternative routes accordingly during this period.

Clamp Hill in Harrow Weald is also preparing for roadworks from November 22 to November 24. Harrow Council is in the advanced planning stage, with traffic control via Stop/Go boards anticipated during this time.

As these roadworks take place, stay informed and plan your routes ahead. Keep up with all the latest Harrow news by following our socials.