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Harrow’s battle against crime takes centre stage on BBC One’s ‘The Met’ tonight

Harrow will be thrust into the spotlight tonight on BBC One’s The Met at 9:00pm. The episode focuses on a horrific incident in the community involving an elderly couple who fell victim to a criminal gang’s ruthless attack in their own home.

The BBC’s description outlines a chilling account of the crime, revealing that the attackers, part of a seasoned criminal gang operating in London for over 18 months, specifically target vulnerable and elderly individuals for their valuables. The gang employs sophisticated tactics to avoid detection, including wearing gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints, masks to conceal their identities, and using bleach to eradicate any traces at the crime scenes.

Despite the detectives having a strong belief in the identity of the culprits, a lack of concrete evidence has hindered their ability to press charges. In response, law enforcement has called in the elite Flying Squad, a covert team specialising in armed surveillance and strategic ambushes.


In an effort to dismantle the criminal network, the Flying Squad initiates a covert surveillance operation to catch the gang in the act during a burglary. The objective is to gather sufficient evidence to secure convictions against the perpetrators. This is the second episode of The Met that has featured a case in Harrow in the same number of weeks.

The show sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by police in combating such criminal activities. Harrow residents, along with viewers across the nation, will be tuned in to witness the unfolding developments as The Met provides an unfiltered look into the relentless efforts to bring justice to victims and curb criminal activities in the capital.


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