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Phone theft on Kenton Lane, suspect flees on electric bike

A recent report has surfaced concerning a phone theft incident near the junction of Kenton Lane, Kenton Library, and the post office.

The suspect, described as a white male clad in dark clothing, made a swift escape on an electric bike after swiping a mobile phone. This incident sheds light on the growing trend of thieves targeting individuals using phones in public spaces, often employing bikes or mopeds for quick getaways.

PCSO Claire Orr took to the OWL website to advise residents to exercise caution when using phones on the street. She stressed the importance of staying aware of one’s surroundings, especially noting the presence of individuals on bikes or mopeds. If a situation feels unsafe, it is recommended to refrain from using the phone in that moment. Once phone usage is complete, promptly secure the device.

PCSO Claire Orr further recommends taking additional precautions such as stepping back from the kerb and, if feasible, positioning oneself with their back against a wall or building. This strategic approach aims to minimise the risk of thieves approaching from behind.

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