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Cat’s body found stuffed in lockers in Ealing

A heartbreaking incident unfolded in Ealing as someone discovered the lifeless body of a cat stuffed into a shared locker near a block of flats.

The distressing find occurred on the morning of November 16th at Alton Court in Copley Close, when a member of the public spotted the cat’s body hanging from the side of a shed. Sadly, the cat had already started decomposing, suggesting it might have passed away a few days earlier before being placed there. A dog bed, a tea towel, and a red plastic TK Maxx bag were found nearby.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Rebecca Hood is leading the investigation she says: “It’s hard to tell how long the poor cat has been dead for due to the state of decomposition, though there were fresh faeces underneath the body.

“It’s absolutely baffling, it does appear there was malicious intent as a bed and other items have been dumped and the cat’s body has been left in a very unnatural position. “This was an absolutely horrendous way to treat this poor young cat. The cat’s face was so badly decomposed it was unrecognisable. He or she was black and white and wearing a baby blue collar. Perhaps someone will recognise them from the description.

Cat's body found stuffed in lockers in Ealing Harrow Online
The dogs bed. Image: RSPCA

“We’re appealing for information in case anybody knows anything about this incident, or who may have owned this poor cat.

“The animal was not microchipped, but if anyone has information linked to who may have owned this black and white cat, we urge them to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018, with calls treated in confidence.”

This Christmas, the RSPCA are facing a heartbreaking reality: animal neglect and abandonment have hit a three-year high. The pandemic and a rising cost of living have created a tough situation, leaving more animals in need of the RSPCA’s support than ever before. That’s why they’re reaching out to compassionate individuals to join their Christmas rescue effort. Your support can make a real difference, helping them be there for these animals during this challenging time of increased neglect and abandonment.