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Bus improvements coming to Harrow this weekend

Harrow is on the brink of a transportation makeover set to kick off this Saturday, November 25, as key improvements roll out across North West London. These changes promise a more efficient and connected commuting experience for residents.

Route 223: Extended Routes for Greater Connectivity

Route 223 is stretching its legs, extending from Harrow Bus Station to the new Eastman Village housing development on Harrow View. This extension is a direct response to feedback gathered during a consultation on proposed plans in the area.

This new extension means that over 3,200 new homes, as well as existing residences and businesses along Harrow View, will now be connected. Paired with Route H14, which already links Harrow View and Harrow Town Centre, the combined frequency of buses will jump from six to nine buses per hour.

This extension opens up new journey possibilities, including stops at Harrow View, while Harrow Bus Station will become a hub for connections to the Superloop express routes SL9 and SL10.

Bus improvements coming to Harrow this weekend Harrow Online

Route 112: Speedier Service and Smarter Routes

Starting this weekend, Route 112 is cranking up its service frequency. Commuters can now count on buses arriving every 12 minutes throughout the day, a welcome change from the former 15-minute wait during the early morning and on Sundays. Evening services are getting a boost too, with buses running every 12 minutes instead of the previous 20-minute intervals.

In response to heightened demand during peak hours, an extra morning journey towards Ealing Broadway is being introduced on weekdays. The route will mix things up at North Finchley, serving different stops and sharing a stretch with Route 263, promising quicker southbound trips and more seamless interchanges northbound.

Bus stop aficionados take note: Towards North Finchley, the route will now gracefully terminate at Tally Ho stop Z1 (next to stop K) instead of stop Z4 near North Finchley Bus Station. Heading towards Ealing Broadway, buses will no longer pick up at stop P inside North Finchley Bus Station but will instead make their pick-ups at stop E just outside the bus station on High Road.

Route 112 is also gearing up to connect with the Superloop express routes SL1 and SL10 at North Finchley, paving the way for faster links to Harrow and Walthamstow.

Superloop SL10 Launch: Quicker Journeys and Enhanced Connectivity

The Superloop express route SL10 is also making its debut this Saturday, establishing a direct link between Harrow and North Finchley. These Superloop routes are designed to significantly cut travel time between transport hubs, town centres, hospitals, and schools.

This launch marks the fifth Superloop express service, part of the Mayor’s visionary plan to establish a transformative network of express bus services in outer London. This move aims to optimize public transport provision and maximize the benefits of the London-wide ULEZ expansion, set to be fully operational by Spring 2024.

Thanks to the Mayor’s Hopper Fare, passengers can now enjoy unlimited journeys within an hour for just £1.75. This not only saves money on multi-route journeys but also encourages Londoners to embrace more sustainable travel options.

Bus improvements coming to Harrow this weekend Harrow Online

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Seb Dance, said: “TfL is committed to improving the bus network across the capital, as part of the Mayor’s aim to continue building a greener and fairer London for all.

“These improvements to route 112 and 223 are great news for customers travelling in and around the northwest London area. Customers will also benefit from Superloop route SL9 and the new SL10 launching this Saturday which will connect Harrow to North Finchley and provide quicker journeys between transport hubs, town centres, hospitals and schools.”

Geoff Hobbs, TfL’s Director of Public Transport Service Planning, said: “We keep the bus network under constant review to ensure customers have access to affordable and sustainable public transport options. The improvements to route 112 and 223 will make a big difference to people travelling in and around the area. Customers can also benefit from Superloop route SL9, as well as the new SL10 making it even easier to use public transport.”

For the latest updates and to plan your journeys, commuters can check the TfL website the free TfL Go app.