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Harrow nursing home rated ‘Outstanding’ by Care Quality Commission

Karuna Manor, located at Christchurch Ave, Harrow, has been awarded an outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following a routine inspection in September and October.

Operated by Karuna Care (TLC) Limited, the nursing home provides personal care for up to 60 older individuals in Harrow, including those with dementia. The overall rating, along with ratings for responsiveness and leadership, improved from good to outstanding. Safety maintained a good rating, and while the inspection did not assess effectiveness or the level of care, they retained their previous good ratings in these areas.

Turon Karim, CQC deputy director of operations in London, said: “When we inspected Karuna Manor we were very pleased to find leaders had created a person-centred culture in which staff placed people’s individual needs and preferences at the heart of the service and were dedicated to continually improving care.

“Staff spent time getting to know everyone in the home, and people’s needs and preferences were well assessed and supported. We saw people were relaxed and smiling throughout interactions with staff, and inspectors were given excellent feedback about the home from the people living there, their loved ones, staff, and outside professionals.

Harrow nursing home rated 'Outstanding' by Care Quality Commission Harrow Online

“People’s loved ones told us about particularly outstanding care people had received at the end of their life, and we saw leaders had worked with local hospices to create an end-of-life training programme for all staff, who provided compassionate, sensitive care. For example, we saw staff had supported a person’s final wish to visit their family abroad, by arranging the trip and going with them.

“Leaders encouraged a culture that was open, inclusive, and supportive to both staff and the people living in the home. We saw leaders looked daily for feedback to improve the service, and quickly investigated when things went wrong to learn from them in future. Both staff and leaders were passionate, and this showed in the high standard of care people received.

“We’ve shared our findings with the provider, and we hope other services look at our report for Karuna Manor to see what they could learn.”

The inspected care facility is notable for being the first in the country to employ a new device enabling staff to conduct hearing tests, identify ear abnormalities, and remove earwax without hospital visits. This technology positively impacted residents, addressing issues of hearing loss and promoting better communication.

The facility supports residents in leading fulfilling lives, fostering relationships, and engaging in diverse activities, including a home cinema. Notably, a former medical professional’s room was transformed into a surgery, where blood pressure checks were conducted.

The home incorporates a temple with a dedicated priest, celebrating religious festivals for various faiths. Live-streaming events to residents’ rooms ensures inclusivity for those unable to attend physical activities due to health issues. People and their families express feeling safe, with well-managed individual risks.

Health monitoring is thorough, with biweekly input from a GP for prompt medical support. However, some care plans lacked clear medication guidance, prompting immediate action from the provider upon inspection feedback.

Harrow nursing home rated 'Outstanding' by Care Quality Commission Harrow Online