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Harrow off-licence forced to close due to noise nuisance

During Harrow Council’s week of action earlier this month, an off licence in Rayners Lane was forced to close its doors temporarily due to a disruptive generator that was causing a significant noise nuisance. The generator, which supplied electricity to the business, emitted such loud sounds that it could be heard from further down the road.

Acting on a prior warning issued for selling alcohol without a valid license and complaints from local residents about the disruptive noise, council officers conducted compliance checks on several businesses, leading them to uncover the off licence’s issues.

Upon inspection, they found that the off licence lacked a proper electric supply and was relying on a generator that operated intermittently, causing disturbances day and night. The sporadic operation of the generator not only disrupted the peace for nearby residents but also affected the stored food in the shop’s refrigerators due to inadequate temperature control during power outages.

Harrow off-licence forced to close due to noise nuisance Harrow Online
Image: Harrow Council

In response to the issues, the owner voluntarily closed the shop to address the problems and update their license. Ongoing investigations and follow-up actions are being carried out by council officers to ensure full compliance.

Councillor Anjana Patel, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure, and Community Safety at Harrow Council, stressed the importance of residents’ well-being:

“There are several successes we have seen off the back of our latest week of action. We listened to the concerns of local residents in the area and we took action.”

“Everyone has a right to a decent quality of life. I am pleased that our officers have addressed this issue of noise and nuisance caused by a noisy generator found operating all hours of the day. This is not acceptable, and I hope residents can now breathe a sigh of relief and are able to relax at home.”

Harrow Council’s week of action also uncovered issues in Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO), including one property with severe overcrowding—housing ten adults and three children. Routine inspections in commercial areas led to five waste management notices, the discovery of an unregistered business, and Trading Standards checks on fireworks and tobacco sales.

The week also addressed fly-tipping, graffiti removal, and the issuance of 14 fines for various offenses. Collaboration with the police resulted in two arrests during a weapon sweep.