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Residents of Brent estate urge council to make changes to ‘absolutely appalling’ parking situation

Residents of a Brent estate are urging the council to make changes to the area’s ‘absolutely appalling’ parking situation, which they claim only offers around 25 spaces for several blocks of flats. Tow trucks are described as circling the development ‘like hyenas waiting to prey on cars’ during restricted times.

A petition signed by 183 residents calling for the removal of single and double yellow lines in the residential area of Lakeside Drive in Park Royal has been submitted to Brent Council. Locals want the parking to be made “more friendly” and don’t see the benefit of the yellow lines.

The creator of the petition, Aeman Chouiki, called the parking situation “atrocious” and claims residents have “had enough”. He doesn’t understand why the whole residential estate is double yellow lined, with the exception of a small number of single yellow line places that have a restriction between 10am and 11am on weekdays.


Aeman said: “The parking in this area is horrific. It is a development of around seven blocks of flats – each with an average of eight floors – so as you can imagine there are thousands of residents here.

“What benefit does it bring to anyone having double yellow lines on the road throughout the whole development? There isn’t a health and safety benefit, nor does parking on the double yellow obstruct vision, nor does it cause an obstruction or a blockage in any way.”

The petition calls the one hour a day parking restriction “nonsensical” and claims it only benefits the council by being able to ‘hand out fines’ during this time. Aeman alleges he sat in his car to create the petition until the time passed just to avoid getting a ticket.

He goes on to claim: “To make matters even worse there is a towing truck that circles the development like a hyena waiting to prey on any car and tow them off if they are parked on the single yellow between the restricted hour.”

Council documents state that the main aim of parking restrictions is “not to raise revenue” but to improve road safety and parking facilities for local people, the implementation and management of which incurs “significant costs.”

Drivers caught parking on yellow lines in the borough currently receive fines of up to £130, with a 50 per cent discount applied if the charge is paid within 14 days of being issued.

If a vehicle is still there for 30 minutes or more after getting a fine, it could end up being towed. The council states: “Where a serious problem is caused by illegal parking, for example a blocked driveway, or illegal parking is causing a danger, immediate removal may take place.”

The petition, which runs until December 15, calls the parking restrictions a “major inconvenience with no benefit”. It also points to how difficult it is for visitors to park in the area, which it claims badly affects residents that suffer from mental health issues and struggle to have friends and family visit.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Infrastructure, and Climate Action, Cllr Krupa Sheth, said: “Controlled parking zones are important at managing traffic flow and encouraging sustainable travel, like walking, cycling or public transport. We will certainly consider the contents of the petition and will be responding.”

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