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Three-day Romanian festival to be held in Queensbury Park

A celebration of Romanian culture is set to unfold in Queensbury Park, Harrow over the weekend as Romanians in the United Kingdom come together to mark Romania’s National Day.

After a ten-year hiatus, this three-day festival is arranged by ROConect, a UK-based charity, offering the public a chance to celebrate Romanian culture.

With Romanian now ranking as one of the most common languages spoken in the UK, the significance of this event cannot be overstated. Harrow, in particular, boasts the highest percentage of its population conversing in Romanian, with 7.5 percent.

The festivities kicked off yesterday at Queensbury Park with the celebration open to all this weekend.

Three-day Romanian festival to be held in Queensbury Park Harrow Online

Running from 12pm to 7pm on Friday, 1st December, the festival promises a taste of Romanian traditions with a variety of activities and attractions. Guests can indulge their palates in traditional Romanian cuisine, revel in live performances of authentic Romanian music, and experience the renowned hospitality and kindness that defines Romanian culture.

The festival will continue on Saturday, 2nd December, from 10am to 7pm, and Sunday, 3rd December, with the same schedule. Queensbury Park, located at HA3 9PD, will expect guests from across the borough.

One of the highlights of the celebration is the spectacular fireworks show scheduled for both Friday and Sunday nights. The event organisers express their gratitude to Harrow Council for their support, making the celebration possible.

ROConect Founder, Steffie, told Harrow Online: “Dear Harrow Residents, We are delighted to invite you to Romania’s National Day, on the 1st of December until the 3rd of December, in Queensbury Park. It is the first time ever that the Romanian community living in Harrow organised a public celebration.

“Thank you for making us feel like home, amongst you. Please come and join the joy of our nation!”

Three-day Romanian festival to be held in Queensbury Park Harrow Online