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Restoration work at Battle of Britain Bunker in Hillingdon nears completion

Works to repair water leaks in the shafts that form part of the air ventilation system at the historic Battle of Britain Bunker are nearing completion.

The council is working in partnership with specialist building contractors Fullers to deliver the works to the Grade I listed building in Uxbridge which will help weatherproof the 84-year-old war time structure for years to come.

Recently, the bunker had begun to have issues with water seeping into the plant rooms following heavy rainfall, due to its subterranean hillside location, 60 feet below the ground at the end of Wren Avenue.

Works on the restorations began in September and concentrated the first of two pairs of ventilation shafts before moving on to work on the second pair. The bunker was built with two sets of ventilation rooms in case one system failed in the event of a bombing.

The specialist work involved digging five-metre deep excavations around each ventilation shaft to the roof of the bunker itself. This involved digging through two ‘burster layers’ of concrete, built to withstand direct impact from 10,000lb enemy bombs.

Part of the works also included flood relief work to prevent rainwater from further uphill flowing down and pooling on the site, ensuring it is dispersed safely.

The work has been vital to preserve the condition of the site’s various chambers against encroaching damp and improve the site overall for the many tourists and residents that visit.

Restoration work at Battle of Britain Bunker in Hillingdon nears completion Harrow Online

Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport, said: “We’re incredibly lucky to have such a fascinating and unique historical asset in the heart of the borough and are duty-bound to preserve it for future generations.

“It was fascinating to see the work first-hand and no small feat having to excavate through two one-metre layers of reinforced concrete.

“I hope many residents and visitors enjoy a visit to the bunker and visitor centre this year and uncover for themselves the incredible history of this hidden gem in Uxbridge.”

Construction of the bunker was completed in August 1939, just three weeks before the start of the Second World War, During World War II all operations within Fighter Command 11 Group were controlled from this top secret facility.

The restoration works are scheduled for completion by March 2024, but do not affect visitors to the site.

Book your visit and find out more at www.battleofbritainbunker.co.uk.

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