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Harrow police issue warning as Christmas approaches: Protect your parcels from theft

As the festive season approaches, Harrow police have issued a warning to residents about the surge in parcel thefts during this time of the year. With an increasing number of reports detailing thefts from doorsteps and within blocks of flats, authorities are urging the community to take proactive measures to safeguard their deliveries.

In an official statement released on the OWL website, the local police provided a set of crucial tips to help residents minimise the risk of falling victim to parcel theft:

“During this time of the year, there is usually a rise in parcel thefts reported to us from doorsteps and from inside blocks of flats,” they cautioned.

Residents are advised to consider tracking their parcels to ensure they or someone trustworthy is available for the delivery. They noted the importance of staying vigilant and taking advantage of modern technology to enhance security. Installing a video doorbell, which can be linked to mobile devices for instant notifications, is recommended as a practical and efficient measure.

“Install a security light to deter potential thieves,” the police spokesperson suggested. This additional layer of security can act as a deterrent, discouraging thieves from approaching the premises.

The police also encourages residents to explore alternative delivery options. Arranging for parcels to be delivered to a trusted neighbor, family member, or concierge can significantly reduce the risk of theft, especially for those living in flats. The police are urging the community to take advantage of off-site locker services, particularly for frequent deliveries or high-value items. These lockers, often located in busy and secure areas such as supermarkets, provide a safer alternative to secluded locations.

The police have stressed the importance of community involvement in ensuring a secure festive season for all residents. By following these practical tips, individuals can contribute to reducing the likelihood of falling victim to parcel theft.

For more detailed information and crime prevention tips, Harrow residents are encouraged to visit the official Metropolitan Police website: Metropolitan Police – Theft from a Doorstep.