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Wembley Park unveils ‘The Luminaze’: A neon winter wonderland

In a fusion of art and technology, Wembley Park has unveiled its latest winter attraction, The Luminaze, an immersive neon winter walkthrough experience.

Developed in collaboration with Emergency Exit Arts (EEA), this free and innovative art installation invites visitors to explore the themes of home and belonging through a sensory and tactile journey.

Situated just off Olympic Way, in front of Wembley Stadium, The Luminaze boasts cutting-edge neon light technology, a specially curated soundscape, and interactive elements designed to captivate visitors of all ages. The vast installation features 18 energy-efficient neon murals crafted by talented artists Patrick Bullock, Emma Corck, Sam Noble, Amy West, and Craig Wes.

Each mural explores the themes of belonging and migration, resulting in a diverse collection that encourages visitors to contemplate the concept of ‘home.’ The neon artwork includes depictions of galaxies, constellations, and elements of the natural world, along with a neon-based Living Room that recreates a wintry scene of domestic life.

Wembley Park unveils 'The Luminaze': A neon winter wonderland Harrow Online
Image: Chris Winter/Wembley Park

Visitors can engage with the installation through touch, transforming the walkthrough from a passive viewing experience into one of active participation. The pathways are fully accessible, accommodating wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and prams, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the sensory journey.

Renowned artist Patrick Bullock has contributed two site-specific murals that further enhance the sense of place and community. These murals, featuring hibernating animals against the Wembley Park skyline and the outlines of hands coming together, convey the idea of unity and warmth during the winter months.

At the heart of The Luminaze stands the four-metre-tall Hourglass, a stunning sculpture created by Emergency Exit Arts in collaboration with artists Cristina Ottonello, Jo Paul, and video projection artists Matt and Rob Vale of Illuminos. The Hourglass features internal 3D projections and invites visitors to contemplate their love for the community. The animated story includes soundbites from Wembley Park residents, adding a unique participatory aspect to the artwork.

Justin Korotva, spokesperson for Wembley Park said, “We are delighted to present The Luminaze and The Hourglass as part of our free winter activities programme here in Wembley Park. The neighbourhood has long been committed to exploring important themes through its extensive collection of both temporary and permanent artworks. This fascinating new installation takes that work forward in spectacular fashion, considering the planet as our ultimate home, in which we are all one people.”

Wembley Park unveils 'The Luminaze': A neon winter wonderland Harrow Online
Image: Chris Winter/Wembley Park

Constructed from neon LED strips, mirrored acetate, timber, and plywood, The Luminaze is not only visually arresting but also sustainable. Open to the public until January 2, this winter wonderland is best experienced from 5pm onwards, when its intricate neon and ambient lighting come alive against the dark, wintery skies. No booking is required for this free and captivating public art installation.

The Luminaze is part of the wider Winter in Wembley Park programme which includes festive markets, live music, a 9m tall Christmas tree, Rollerscape and Bubble Planet. For more information visit www.wembleypark.com/winter.