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School in South Harrow rated ‘Good’ in latest Ofsted report

Heathland School in South Harrow has been awarded an overall effectiveness rating of “Good” in its recent Ofsted inspection, conducted on September 26 and 27, 2023.

The report highlights the school’s positive performance across various key areas, including the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, as well as the early years provision.

Led by Headteacher Fiona Hopkins, Heathland School is part of the Heathland Whitefriars Federation multi-academy trust, overseen by a board of trustees chaired by Lynne Malzard.

The school’s commitment to creating a welcoming and happy environment is evident in the report, with parents and pupils alike expressing satisfaction. Ofsted notes the school’s emphasis on building trusting relationships, ensuring safety, and instilling a sense of rights and responsibilities among students.

The report said, “This is a friendly school. Many parents and carers said the school strives to make them feel welcome. Pupils and their parents agree that this is a happy place to be. At breaktimes, pupils enjoy the many games and activities that the school makes available.

School in South Harrow rated 'Good' in latest Ofsted report Harrow Online

“Mostly, pupils behave sensibly. Typically, they are kind to each other. If problems between pupils arise, the school sorts them out fairly. The school fosters trusting professional relationships with school staff and pupils. Pupils’ safety and welfare are given high priority. Pupils are safe and feel safe.”

The report also applauds the school’s proactive approach to student involvement, citing various pupil committees such as the equalities committee, pupil leaders’ group, and well-being committee. Recent consultations with students guided decisions on charitable support.

Leadership at Heathland is recognised for setting high expectations, resulting in notable achievements in reading and mathematics. The report acknowledges the school’s effective reading programs, including phonics teaching from Reception, and commendable support for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

The report said, “Reading is given high priority. Pupils have many opportunities to read and borrow books from the library. The school’s approach to supporting early ready is structured appropriately. Phonics teaching begins in Reception. The school checks whether pupils know letters and the sounds they make.”

Heathland School’s positive approach to recognising and rewarding positive behavior is highlighted, contributing to a motivated learning environment. The report also commends the school’s efforts to promote diversity and understanding among students, covering different religions, cultural traditions, and healthy relationships.

Headteacher Fiona Hopkins said, “As headteacher, I am immensely proud of our school community’s dedication and hard work, which has been recognised in our Ofsted result.

“It’s a testament to the relentless commitment of our staff, the enthusiasm of our pupils, and the unwavering support from parents. The report highlights our ambitious curriculum and the high expectations we have for all our pupils and their continued high achievements . I am also pleased to see reflected in the report our commitment to pupils wellbeing and ensuring that pupils who attend Heathland School are safe and happy.”