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Grimsdyke School in Hatch End rated ‘Outstanding’ in Ofsted report

Grimsdyke Primary School in Hatch End has received an exceptional endorsement from the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted), with an overall effectiveness rating of ‘Outstanding.’

The school, located on Sylvia Avenue, Hatch End, underwent a thorough inspection on the 15th and 16th of November this year.

The report highlights the school’s commitment to providing an outstanding quality of education, exceptional behaviour and attitudes, and personal development that goes beyond expectations.


It notes, “Pupils at Grimsdyke receive an exceptional education. They are kind, friendly and eager to learn. Pupils demonstrate impeccable manners towards one another and the adults that work with them. The ‘School Values Champions’ work with leaders to consistently embed the respectful culture. Bullying is very rare.

“Pupils feel able to raise concerns in the knowledge that they will be listened to by adults. This helps pupils to feel safe and be kept safe at school. Parents and carers are effusive in their praise for the school. They appreciate the care that staff take to ensure that their children are safe and achieve their potential.”


The curriculum at Grimsdyke School is hailed for its richness and ambition, covering a broad range of subjects and providing students with a deep understanding of various topics. The report notes that the curriculum is logically sequenced, allowing students to apply and connect their learning across subjects.

Grimsdyke School in Hatch End rated 'Outstanding' in Ofsted report Harrow Online

The school’s focus on reading is evident. In the Ofsted report it states, “Reading is prioritised across the school. Pupils begin phonics from the start of their Reception year. Staff are well-trained and implement the school’s programme with consistency and precision. Any pupils who need extra help with their reading are prioritised. As a result, pupils become confident and fluent readers.


“Reading Ambassadors’ are enthusiastic about recommending books to pupils in the new school library. They have worked with all stakeholders to design new reading lists that include non-fiction and poetry, alongside more familiar texts, ensuring that these are accessible to all readers.”

Grimsdyke School places a strong emphasis on personal development, instilling values such as democracy, equality, and diversity in its students. Pupils actively contribute to the school community, participating in initiatives like fundraising for the Christmas Fair and supporting Anti-Bullying Week.

The report also praises the school’s exceptional approach to behavior management, where pupils are actively taught how to interact with one another, fostering a fair, welcoming, and inclusive environment. The “worry monsters” and “post boxes” are highlighted as effective tools for students to share concerns and feel heard.


Commenting on the report, Headteacher Iain Sutherland told Harrow Online: “We take immense pride in the collective accomplishments of our school community, celebrating the dedication and effort invested by our staff, students and parents.

“The recent recognition from Ofsted serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the foundations that we have worked hard to put in place since our last inspection but also more recently the pandemic. These efforts are not only driven by the well-being of our students but also the positive impact it will have on the families within our school.

“As the Headteacher, it was lovely to receive the acknowledgement from Ofsted that the vision, ethos and high expectations are shared by all stakeholders. This recognition underpins the collaborative ethos that is evident across the school.


“When we shared this achievement with our students, their excitement was evident. It was clear that they were rightfully proud which again reflected the shared commitment to both improvement and excellence in our school community.”

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