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Harrow Online unveils poll to crown ‘Best Pub’ in the borough

Our team at Harrow Online have initiated a community-driven poll via our Facebook group, aiming to identify the top pub in Harrow.

Nominees such as The Castle in Harrow on the Hill, The Junction in Harrow Town Centre, The Belmont in Belmont Circle, and The Star in South Harrow have garnered some significant attention thus far, with hundreds of votes pouring in.

Over the years, we’ve had some lovely pubs in Harrow that have come and gone such as the Case is Altered in Old Redding and The Alma in Harrow Weald, but we wanted to remind everyone – there’s still lots left! And some really decent ones at that.

The final results will be revealed early next week, so join the discussion on the Harrow Online Facebook group and support your favourite local pub.

Click here to join the group and cast your vote now.