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Scooter stolen in South Harrow as driver delivers food

On the evening of Thursday December 14, at 19:38pm, a delivery scooter was brazenly stolen from outside Echo Court on Northolt Road in South Harrow. The unsuspecting driver was in the midst of delivering food to a resident within the block of flats when the crime occurred.

The stolen vehicle is identified as a distinctive Red Honda PCX. PCSO Lisa Saunders, the Dedicated Ward Officer for the area, issued a warning to residents, urging them to take proactive steps to safeguard their vehicles.

Remove Valuables: Avoid leaving any items of value in plain sight within the vehicle. Even seemingly insignificant items like an old coat or loose change can attract thieves.

Utilize Alarms and Immobilisers: Activate alarms and immobilisers every time you leave your vehicle, regardless of the duration. This small yet effective action can be a significant deterrent.

Secure Parking: If possible, park vehicles in garages and lock all doors. For those parking on the road, choose well-lit and open spaces to reduce the risk of theft.

Mark Your Belongings: Etch your vehicle identification number onto various surfaces, including windows, windscreens, and headlamps. Additionally, mark all equipment, such as car stereos, with your registration number.

Steering Wheel Locks: Consider using a steering wheel lock consistently whenever leaving your vehicle unattended. This adds an extra layer of protection against potential thieves.

Wheel and Number Plate Security: Invest in anti-theft wheel locks and specialized number plate screws to secure your vehicle’s wheels and plates.

Keyless Car Caution: For owners of keyless cars, it is crucial to ensure that the vehicle has locked properly. Don’t merely walk away; double-check and, if applicable, confirm the doors are secure before leaving.

For additional crime prevention tips and resources, residents can refer to the official Met Police website: Metropolitan Police – Theft from a Vehicle.

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