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Harrow Council’s 2023 Highlights: Roads, housing, and environment

In a message posted via the MyHarrow Newsletter, Harrow Council’s Leader, Cllr Paul Osborn, took a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year while outlining the ambitious plans ahead for the borough.

Cllr Osborn began by extending warm wishes for a prosperous year to the residents of Harrow, expressing hope that 2023 has been a good year for them and their families. He then delved into a comprehensive overview of the council’s achievements over the past 12 months.

One of the focuses highlighted was the ongoing effort to address the condition of Harrow’s roads and pavements. Cllr Osborn stated, “The condition of our roads is not just about getting about easily and safely, but it is also about restoring pride in the borough, which is an objective that I’ve set as a priority for the council.”

The council’s program of road and pavement resurfacing, starting in July, was acknowledged as a significant step forward. Cllr Osborn noted the positive impact of the initiative, stating, “There’s still some way to go, but it is starting to make a difference, with more than 50 completely renewed and looking superb.”

He announced that an extension of the programme would be confirmed shortly, further improving the standards of more roads and pavements in the borough.

In terms of housing development, Cllr Osborn proudly announced the completion of phase 1 of the Grange Farm development. He  shared his enthusiasm in witnessing long-term tenants move into their new homes, noting that the 100% affordable development also provides shared-ownership opportunities for first-time buyers.

The council leader highlighted another achievement from the beginning of the year, extending one hour’s free parking to include all council spaces. This initiative aimed to benefit both shoppers and businesses, providing support to sustain high streets, particularly during the festive season.

On the environmental front, Cllr Osborn discussed the council’s commitment to creating a cleaner borough. The ‘Weeks of Action’ initiative demonstrated the positive outcomes achievable through intensive, coordinated efforts to improve standards and enforce the law. One example was the use of mobile CCTV to catch fly-tippers, which resulted in more than 1,500 fines issued since January.

Cllr Osborn concluded his message by acknowledging additional improvements, such as new street signs and the opening of new tennis courts during the summer, contributing to a renewed sense of pride in Harrow. “There’s a lot still to do and I’m determined that we keep up the pace in 2024,” he said.

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