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Wembley Park management company share 10 top tips to make a great housemate

Quintain Living, the management company overseeing over 3,000 rental apartments is Wembley Park, have provided their top ten tops for being a great housemate.

Every year a fresh batch of graduates descend on the UK’s towns and cities, eager to embrace the world of employment. This comes with plenty of challenges, as does transitioning away from student digs to the wider housing market and is one reason why many recent graduates choose to share.

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living, said: “Renting in a new city can be lonely experience. We combat that at Quintain Living with on-site resident activities, shared social spaces and professionally managed buildings that provide a safe, secure home in the big city. We support our residents to feel connected and safe from day one and to get the best out of the rental experience.”


Quintain Living’s 10 top tips for being a great housemate are:

Housemate dos

1. Exchange contact details with each other in case of an emergency. Anything from a power cut to a train strike can cause disruption to your plans and mean you need to speak to each other urgently. Keep in touch and look out for each other.

2. Agree a chores list and make a rota for keeping shared spaces clean and tidy. You might not love cleaning, but you’ll all benefit from having a tidy home and a rota means everyone pulls their weight, avoiding tiresome disagreements over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom or put the recycling out.

3. Create a budget and kitty to pay for bills and shared essentials. Running out of toilet roll and squabbling about whose turn it is to buy some is never fun.

4. Give each other space but also…

5. socialise together. Find activities you all enjoy and that suit everyone’s budget.

Housemate don’ts

1. Take someone else’s food. Especially not their beer.

2. Host late night parties without checking with your housemates first. This is an instant route to unpopularity in the home.

3. Leave shared areas in a mess. Your housemates don’t want to clear up the kitchen or bathroom after you.

4. Be selfish. Sharing successfully is about respect and compromise. Put yourself in your housemates’ shoes and try to be understanding when they’re going through a hard time, either personally or professionally. You can enjoy feeling supported when they do the same for you.

5. Sleep with your housemate.

Quintain Living’s The Robinson in Wembley Park offers shared living spaces for graduates and young professionals. The four-bedroom apartments feature equally-sized double bedrooms with individual bathrooms, catering to busy morning routines. Fully furnished homes, curated by John Lewis & Partners, come with Samsung appliances.

Situated just 12 minutes from central London, The Robinson provides free 250mbps WiFi, no deposit, and no hidden fees. Pet-friendly with a dedicated bark park, the development includes unique amenities like a Peace Garden, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Garden, and a rooftop terrace with a slide. For those working from home, three campervans on the rooftop create an on-site home-working community.

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