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New £7m pharmacy to open at Northwick Park Hospital

Big news for Northwick Park Hospital this week as a cutting-edge £7 million pharmacy is set to commence operations in the New Year.

This state-of-the-art facility, located on Level 3 of the hospital, aims to revolutionise the production of parenteral nutrition and chemotherapy drugs, along with other sterile products.

Unlike traditional pharmacies, the aseptic pharmacy at Northwick Park Hospital will eradicate the need for queuing at the counter, offering a seamless experience for patients. The facility will specialise in intravenous drugs, ensuring their production within a sterile controlled environment to prevent any risk of contamination.

Heading the initiative are principal pharmacists Kenny Wong and Chaitan Kerai, who played pivotal roles in co-designing the facility. Wong and Kerai stressed the importance of this investment, stating, “It is a big investment, but we are future-proofing ourselves given the challenge of an increasingly large elderly population and rise in cancer diagnosis.”

The facility is projected to produce an impressive volume, including up to 20,000 parenteral nutrition bags and 35,000 chemotherapy treatments annually. A dedicated team of 35 highly skilled professionals will staff the facility.

Commenting on the impact of the advanced technology incorporated into the pharmacy, Kenny Wong stated, “We’ll be able to produce a larger number of pharmaceutical products more quickly with the aid of new technology, which includes a large decontamination room and an automated system for producing the parenteral nutrition which is currently done manually.”

New £7m pharmacy to open at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online

The 400 sq meters facility on Level 3 of the hospital will not only cater to the hospital’s needs but also extend its services to the wider North West London Integrated Care System, serving a population of nearly two-and-a-half million people.

One noteworthy outcome of this development is the hospital trust’s increased self-sufficiency. Previously, the trust had to outsource the production of half of its parenteral nutrition bags to a private sector pharmaceutical company, a practice that will cease with the inauguration of the new pharmacy.

The facility boasts cutting-edge technology, including gassing isolators, a decontamination chamber, automated compounders, and bespoke software. This investment signifies a significant step forward in addressing the challenges posed by an aging population and the escalating rates of cancer diagnoses.

Kenny Wong added, “This complex project is a great team effort by the trust. I would like to thank the project steering group, the estates department, trust procurement team, and the pharmacy team for their hard work.”

As the countdown to the New Year begins, the launch of this £7 million pharmacy at Northwick Park Hospital signals a new era of pharmaceutical innovation, promising enhanced efficiency and improved patient outcomes.