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Harrow residents reveal 2024 wishes, call for diverse improvements

Harrow residents have voiced their hopes and concerns for the year 2024, outlining a wish list of improvements in the community.

Residents’ shed light on their priorities, covering issues from safety to infrastructure and community services after we posed the question to our Facebook followers.

Below see just a few of the responses we received…

Hasumati Bakrania urged the council to prioritise safety by stating, “Now is the time to cut huge tree branches everywhere, make them shorter than light posts, more light visibility, less crime, and being safe. Otherwise, we are having a jungle on our streets. This must be the council’s priority. Happy New 2024.”

Liz Booth called for specific enhancements in the town centre, saying, “A higher police presence in the town centre. A lift on the back entrance to the station. A new Doctors Surgery in the town centre. Better quality shops and a theatre. Thank you!”

Priodarsini Mitra focused on preserving nature, stating, “We want to see more child-friendly parks, natural resources in Harrow, please no more concrete jungle (big big buildings)…need fresh air to breathe in.”

Agim Muca emphasised practical measures, stating, “More cleaners. More police around. Fines for littering. Fines for loitering. More support for residents that are finding it hard to cope with the high prices especially parents with children. More help for rough sleepers.”

Eileen Kenny shared her wish for a more pleasant shopping experience, stating, “Would really like to see a new department store where you could shop & have a coffee afterward. Also a better level of cleanliness. Am sure it’s a difficult task but it always looks dirty. Granted that there are always gonna be those that couldn’t care less but that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Merry Christmas to all.”

Sharna Barnes noted the importance of cleanliness, saying, “Streets and shops made to keep to a higher level of cleanliness. Also, people to be respectful of their surrounds when shouting into their phones down other people’s ears on the bus or street.”

Maria Mohan suggested practical solutions, “Allow cars to park up on the kerbs and maintain the roads. More community centres offering advice and support and also being a place to go for those in need of help. Bring back the GP walk-in centres to help alleviate the pressure on the A and E department at Northwick Park.”

Arez Zemar advocated for more inclusive facilities, saying, “More facilities, services and special school provisions for disabled children and adolescents in Harrow.”

David Lawes shared his specific traffic-related concern, “Don’t know whether this is a Harrow council or TFL responsibility but scrap those dreadful traffic lights and that grossly oversize box junction at the Timber Carriage junction at the bottom of Roxeth Hill and revert the whole setup to the mini roundabouts that were there before. Not only was this safer for all, vehicular movement was more expeditious.”

Sonal Dave mentioned safety around schools, “Railings up Brookshill so parents from the school stop blocking our driveways or using them to park in and then being abusive to residents. I cannot understand how the council would approve a school on an A road and not consider the safety of the children first.”

Ame Blue mentioned a few wishes, stating, “A new department dedicated to the community and safety of both residents and passersby. A high street worth having. Safe zones with activities to build skills and to give people somewhere to go, to feel part of something. To feel valued.

“Food centres for those in need with showers and volunteer services. Entertainment. Live bands in pubs. Pop up stalls. Police. Culture – art gallery, walking tours, a theatre, Saturday workshops, story readings, special visitors. Information centres to help people find the help they need.”

Jacqueline Porter highlighted a range of concerns, stating, “Where can I start. More police. Shops being responsible for their cleanliness outside their shops. No more fruit and veg shops opposite one another and next door to one another. How much veg and fruit can you sell in Wealdstone. Fly tipping and drug dealing on most corners of the streets.

“High rise buildings being built. Beggars all sitting outside supermarkets and all around Harrow. Pavements to be maintained as a lot of dangerous to walk on. People being stopped with putting their wheelie bins in the middle of the road to protect parking space which I thought was not allowed in the Highway Code?.”

Selina Benn called for practical improvements, stating, “A new police station in Central Harrow, around the Civic Centre. More CCTV to target crime and not motorists. Park anywhere for free after 6.30pm- its too fragmented and patchy over the Borough with the different restrictions for yellow lines on some roads/ residents permits etc, just keep it simple and uniformed – can be rather confusing!”

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