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HomeNewsPart of huge tip near Watford could become minibus storage.

Part of huge tip near Watford could become minibus storage.

According to a Hertfordshire County Council planning application, a small area at Waterdale Recycling Centre near Watford could become a secure place to house four minibuses overnight.

The 355-square-metre area covered by the application is currently used for storage, so there are no plans for physical changes to the site.

It is the second time Hertfordshire County Council has launched plans to house minibuses at a tip.

In August, the authority’s planning team approved parking for one electric minibus and two conventional minibuses at the former Buntingford Recycling Centre, which has permanently closed down due its low catchment – serving a population of less than 20,000 compared with Waterdale’s more than 140,000.

The minibuses at Waterdale and Buntingford would operate as part of the HertsLynx service.

In Buntingford, on-demand buses already shuttle passengers between the town, the surrounding villages, Stevenage, Bishop’s Stortford, Letchworth, Baldock, Hitchin and Royston.

Passengers can book their journeys via an app, online or by phone. Hertfordshire County Council is due to launch the service in the west of the county in November.

It will improve access “from rural areas such as Tring and Berkhamsted to Hemel Hempstead”, according to authority documents.

The planning application notes minibus parking would remain in place for three years until November 2026 during the HertsLynx pilot period.

“If the scheme is successful, a permanent location elsewhere in the county would be identified for the service,” it reads.

“The area proposed within Waterdale Recycling Centre to be used by the HertsLynx service is part of the shunt area located in the northern part of the site.

“The area is currently used to store containers and is not accessible by the public as it is located behind locked gates.”

The application adds using this “small area … would have a minimal impact upon the operation of the recycling centre”.

Hertfordshire County Council does not anticipate there will be “any visual impact” of the proposal on the green belt.

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