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New weather warning issued for Harrow, Yellow alert for rain this week

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rain in London, including Harrow, following the havoc caused by Storm Henk on local roads yesterday afternoon.

The warning, issued shortly after 10am on Wednesday, is set to be in effect from 12:00pm on Thursday to 03:00am on Friday.

The forecast warns of another spell of rain falling onto already saturated ground, potentially leading to further flooding and travel disruption. Residents are advised to take precautionary measures as there is a slight chance of power cuts and a loss of other services to some homes and businesses.

With a small chance of flooding, causing damage to buildings, residents are encouraged to check if their properties could be at risk and consider preparing a flood plan and an emergency flood kit. The Met Office has also highlighted the likelihood of difficult driving conditions and road closures due to spray and flooding.

The warning further notes the possibility of some communities becoming cut off by flooded roads, and disruptions to train and bus services are expected if flooding occurs. The track of the heaviest rainfall remains uncertain, but there is a chance of 20-30 mm falling in 6-9 hours across the warning area, with some places possibly experiencing 40-50 mm.

In response to the weather alert, Harrow residents are advised to check road conditions, bus and train timetables, and amend travel plans if necessary to avoid delays. Preparing for potential power cuts is also recommended; residents should gather essential items such as torches, batteries, and mobile phone power packs in case of emergencies.

The Met Office emphasises the importance of staying up to date with the weather forecast in the area, as weather warnings may change quickly. Keep up to date on any local incidents due to the weather by following Harrow Online on social media.

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