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Starving puppy found in North London flat

A 5-month-old puppy was rescued by the RSPCA from an abandoned flat in Tottenham, where she was found without food amidst rubbish and damaged furniture.

The fortunate discovery occurred when a maintenance worker spotted her from a twelfth-floor window while conducting maintenance work on Stellar House.

RSPCA officer Lee Ricketts responded, finding the vacant property, and with police assistance, seized the neglected puppy on December 22. The dog is now under the care of the animal welfare charity.

Lee said: “Police forced entry and searched the property which was covered in rubbish and broken furniture, it was not fit for animal or human habitation. The poor puppy was cowering behind a broken bed frame and was carried out by the police who handed her over to the RSPCA to be taken for immediate veterinary treatment.

Starving puppy found in North London flat Harrow Online
Image: RSPCA

“A vet assessed the puppy and predicted that if she had been placed in the property at a healthy weight she may not have eaten for around four weeks. The vet said that if she had been left even a few days longer, she would have likely starved to death.

“The puppy was incredibly fortunate that the maintenance worker had been working on the external walls of the building, something that would happen very rarely, and that he happened to spot her. Without him reporting it to us she almost certainly would have died.

“Thanks to the actions of the caller, my colleagues, Wood Green Police and Haringey Council the puppy was rescued and is now doing well in one of our hospitals.

“We would like to appeal to the public for more information regarding what happened to this poor puppy before being found. If you can help with enquiries please call 0300 123 8018, quoting incident number 01196311.”

The puppy is now recovering at an animal hospital. She has been named Chestnut by staff.

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