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Harrow Road pizza shop’s late-night opening plans sparks concerns

Concerns have been raised about a North London pizza shop’s plan to open until the early hours of the morning every day. A local councillor has complained that rubbish thrown on the streets from all of the takeaway shops already make the area look “like a pig sty”.

Tops Pizza has applied to Brent Council for a late night refreshment licence as it looks to open its store on Harrow Road in Wembley until 2:30am seven days a week. It currently stops serving takeaways at 11pm but continues to deliver until 2am.

However, the ward councillor for Sudbury, Cllr Paul Lorber, believes “no further late opening hours” should be permitted in the area due to the disturbances already felt by residents. He claims drunk people and litter from the takeaway shops dominate the streets.

Cllr Paul Lorber said: “I object to the extended hours in this area. Local residents already suffer enough from late night activities and disturbance. There are flats above the shops and late night activity seven days per week causes unacceptable disturbances.”

He added: “Sudbury Town streets are a pig sty every morning as a result of activities from all the takeaways. […] They show discarded bottles, cans, pizza packaging all through Sudbury Town. This is what local residents face every morning in this area.”

The premises is situated on a busy parade of shops, with a nightclub next door. Both the Metropolitan Police and Brent Council licensing officers had also made representations against the application but have since withdrawn them as the applicant agreed to certain conditions.

The conditions include installing CCTV throughout the premises, making sure staff are adequately trained and there are a minimum of two members working after 9pm, as well as making sure delivery drivers aren’t idling around outside. The applicant’s agent, Hilda Cameron, also said one member of staff will be assigned to supervise the outside area of the shop.

However, Cllr Lorber has refused to withdraw his representation as he feels no amount of conditions would be able to “manage and control the drunks who take over parts of Sudbury Town” and delivery drivers currently “drive on pavements, take over parking spaces and spit paans (a type of tobacco) everywhere”.

He added: “Local residents need some protection from this and no further late opening hours or licensing of further premises in this small area should be permitted. […] CCTV and all the other controls suggested do not work in practice as the people in charge of the premises cannot control what goes on outside.”

The application will be heard by Brent Council’s Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub-Committee meeting on January 24 when a decision will be made.