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Attempted burglary in Stanmore, thefts from cars in Kenton – all the latest updates

Today we bring you key updates on local safety measures and advisories from PCSO’s in Harrow after recent incidents in the borough. Stay informed with our coverage of essential tips and insights shared by our local law enforcement.

Burglary Attempt Thwarted in Bromefield

In a recent incident that unfolded on Saturday, January 6th at 7:51pm, an attempted burglary at Bromefield in Stanmore was successfully thwarted, thanks to the vigilant resident who caught the intruder in the act. The suspect, armed with a tool, tried to force open the front door but was interrupted by the homeowner who was present at the time.

PCSO Claire Orr issued a statement urging residents to take proactive steps to safeguard their homes. Orr recommended several measures:

  • Lock all windows and double lock doors, even for short periods.
  • Avoid leaving ground floor windows open.
  • Install a burglar alarm as a deterrent.
  • Ensure locks are strong and secure.
  • Make homes appear occupied by using timer lights when away.
  • Keep valuables out of sight from doors and windows.
  • Store keys away from the letterbox.

This incident serves as a reminder for residents to remain vigilant and implement security measures to prevent potential break-ins.

Theft from Vehicles Alert: Recent Surge Prompts Warning

In addition to the attempted burglary, there has been a noticeable increase in theft from vehicles in the Kenton area, according to PCSO Muhammad Nawaz. He strongly advises residents not to leave valuables, particularly tools and high-value items, unattended in their vehicles.

To address this concern, a booklet titled “Steer Clear of Car Crime: Security Tips for the Motorist” has been provided to offer detailed crime prevention advice and safety tips specific to preventing theft from vehicles.

XL Bullying Dog Ban Update and Important Links

A recent law effective from December 31, 2023, prohibits the ownership of XL Bully dogs. PCSO Muhammad Nawaz has shared important links for residents to stay informed about the implications of this ban:

Renewal of Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) by Harrow Council

PCSO Nawaz also highlighted the renewal of the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) by Harrow Council. Any breach of this order is now considered a criminal offense and may result in penalties, including a fixed penalty notice (£100) payable within 14 days, fines, or potential prosecution (up to £1000). For detailed information on the PSPO, residents are urged to visit Harrow Council’s official page.


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