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Primary schools in Harrow rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted

As next week’s deadline for primary school applications looms, the Local Democracy Reporting Service takes a look at primary schools in Harrow that have received the best possible Ofsted rating.

Ofsted has four grades to explain a school’s performance following a visit. They rank from outstanding – which is the best mark – to good, requires improvement and inadequate. Inspectors look at the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes of pupils at a school to give a ranking.

They also look at how schools foster personal development and also assess their leadership and management. Here is a list of Harrow primary schools to get an outstanding rating, according to Ofsted reports, although many have not been inspected for years –

St George’s Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy: Last Inspection: September 2023

St George’s Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy on Sudbury Hill was described as a place where students ‘relish coming to’, following a visit by Ofsted in July of last year.

Inspectors found the curriculum to be ‘highly ambitious’ and delivered consistently by the teachers. The students enjoy the lessons and are generally enthusiastic to learn and join in with the activities.

The report states: “Pupils at St George’s receive an excellent education that is focused on both academic and personal growth. Academically, pupils achieve highly in national measures. They are also supported exceptionally well to develop into caring and thoughtful citizens.”

Primary schools in Harrow rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted Harrow Online
Vaughan Primary School. Vaughan Primary School, Harrow. Image Credit: Google Maps. Permission to use with all LDRS partners

Vaughan Primary School: Last Inspection: February 2019

Vaughan Primary School in West Harrow was awarded its outstanding rating following an inspection in 2019. The quality of teaching was described as ‘highly effective’. Teachers were said to be committed to having high expectations which meant the outcome for students is ‘exceptional’.

Staff make sure that students are safe and well cared for, which has contributed to the school’s exceptional learning outcomes. Inspectors found that pupils leave the school ‘extremely well prepared’ for the next stage of their education.

The report states: “ Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school. All the parents who spoke to the inspectors said that their children are happy, safe and well looked after at school. All parents agreed that behaviour is good.”

Pinner Park Primary School: Last Inspection: June 2013

Pinner Park Primary School in Pinner has not been visited by Ofsted in a decade, when it was praised for its ‘lively and engaging’ teaching and rated as outstanding. School morale was said to be ‘very high’, with staff and parents agreeing that the school is well run.

Pupils are described as ‘polite, courteous and respectful’, as well as being enthusiastic learners. Inspectors found that they feel very safe at school and enjoy coming to learn.

The report states: “ The school is an extremely caring place for pupils and equal opportunities are promoted well. The work is meticulously planned to meet the needs of different learners to enable them to make the best possible progress.”

Primary schools in Harrow rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted Harrow Online
Belmont Primary School. Belmont Primary School, Harrow. Image Credit: Google Maps. Permission to use with all LDRS partners

Belmont Primary School: Last Inspection: June 2012

Situated on Hibbert Road in Harrow Weald, Belmont Primary is another of Harrow’s school’s that hasn’t had an inspection for more than a decade. The school still maintains its outstanding rating that it received following a visit by Ofsted in 2012.

Inspectors praised the school’s leadership for building a committed team of staff. The morale was described as ‘very high’. Pupils are described as well behaved and responsive to the high expectations set for them, meaning the school is a ‘very happy place to be’.

The report states: “The quality of teaching is outstanding. Parents and carers agree. As one parent commented, ‘My child’s progress is largely due to the teachers.’ Good pace and challenge, varied and practical activities, excellent use of assessment and animated teaching are characteristics of lessons.”

St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School: Last Inspection: March 2012

Next in line for the school not having been visited in more than ten years is St Anselm’s Catholic Primary at Roxborough Park. The leadership, teaching and pupil outcome was all highly praised following an inspection in 2012, leading to it being rated as outstanding.

Parents and carers are said to be ‘overwhelmingly positive’ about behaviour and safety in the school. Inspectors found the curriculum provides an excellent range of subjects, with ‘rich opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, and social development’.

The report states: “The quality of teaching is outstanding. Many of the lessons seen were of the highest quality. Excellent relationships between staff and pupils and a wide range of activities for learning, such as role play and collaboration, and the use of interactive whiteboards for visual presentation, give pupils rich experiences for learning.”

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