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Woman seen ‘taking photographs’ of Edgware properties, police warn residents to remain vigilant

In the wake of a recent burglary on Broomgrove Gardens, Edgware, local police are urging residents to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to enhance their home security.

The call to action comes after a white female was reportedly spotted taking photographs on the road, raising concerns that she may have been targeting properties lacking adequate security measures.

PCSO Shabz Razzaq, who serves the Harrow community, issued a statement on the OWL website, advising residents on measures to safeguard their homes. The PCSO’s message highlights the importance of securing properties and maintaining increased awareness, especially during the winter months.

In the OWL message, PCSO Razzaq noted, “Please be aware that after a recent burglary on Broomgrove Gardens, Edgware, a white female was seen taking photographs on the road, believed to be of properties with no security systems.”

Residents are encouraged to secure their properties to the best of their ability, with a particular emphasis on ensuring the presence of functional security systems. Additionally, the PCSO stressed the importance of leaving lights on when leaving the house during winter times, as a deterrent to potential burglars.

PCSO Razzaq provided practical advice for residents, stating, “If possible, speak to a trusted neighbour or friend before any long vacations so they can monitor your property.”

PCSO Shabz Razzaq concluded the message stating, “The aim is not to alarm you but purely a reminder to stay vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to police directly via 999.”

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